The Good Work Group helps Not For Profit Associations be their Best.

Our job is to make the work of volunteer Boards and Committees more valuable and effective. You want to serve your members; we can help by serving you.

Let us:

  • Be your workforce, across strategic or operational areas of your business
  • Represent you to members, customers and stakeholders
  • Add value, creativity, efficiency, confidence and reliability to everything you do


Our Services

Good Ideas

We know that the really good ideas about your association will come from you; we will listen, challenge, sanity-check and implement so those good ideas have good outcomes. We also have good ideas of our own, borrowed and original, and we’ll share them with you.

Good Processes

Time is money and it is the nature of not for profits to want to save it, not spend it. So we will share our systems and processes to make us both efficient, compliant and sustainable. We think we should all do things once and do them well.

Good Outcomes

You and your not for profit deserve reward for your efforts, some to celebrate publicly, some around the boardroom table. Whether your best outcome is a big event, a clean database or a balanced budget, we will help you achieve it. Measurable and on time.

How We Work

The Good Work Group is a skilled and nimble team operating from our own well-equipped office space in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. Director, Lesley Ryall, brings extensive experience in public, private and not for profit sectors, and an abiding commitment to producing great results on a budget.

Our Team Provides

  • We have a diverse skill set where each member contributes extensive corporate and NFP experience.
  • We are adept at cost-effective problem solving, and tackle “too hard basket” projects with enthusiasm.
  • We offer tailored systems, pricing and support for individual clients.
  • We model the corporate behaviours that we value – we are committed to the well-being of our colleagues, our clients and our communities.
  • We are versatile, nimble and efficient.
  • We welcome and provide honest feedback.
  • We optimize the services of external suppliers on behalf of our clients and value the support of our skilled network of graphic design, web design, web hosting, printing, teleconferencing, audit, recording and conference management specialists.

Our Clients

Good People

We like to work with good people and seek our clients in the not for profit sector where good people are abundant. Away from our working week, we are all volunteers too and think that gives us a greater understanding of how to get the best out of one another.

Good Projects

We don’t just manage whole organisations, we manage good projects too. If you’re not ready to outsource everything but have a special project that needs attention, we have great project management skills to share.

Good Relationships

We do our best work when we work closely, communicate clearly and share goals. We value positive relationships of long-standing with our clients, their members and our suppliers and hope to build a good relationship with you.

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p: 03 9844 2933
m: 0414 734 550
a: P.O. Box 445, Warrandyte VIC 3113

Get in Touch

We welcome all enquiries and encourage you to contact us on 03 9844 2933 or 0414 734 550 or enquire below