The Team at The Good Work Group

We are a skilled and nimble team operating from a real office in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. We have extensive experience in public, private and not for profit sectors, and an abiding commitment to producing great results on a budget.

Lesley Ryall


I’ve been running my own small business for 20 years which has taught me about the challenges that most of my clients face – limited time, limited money, unlimited opportunities. Technically, my skills and experience include strategic planning and implementation; governance and compliance; marketing and communications; resource management and budgeting. My leadership style is collaborative, consultative and inclusive and as a manager of my own and others’ resources, I am accountable, honest and ethical. I believe in the greater good, and my business models the behaviours that I value – the well-being of colleagues, clients and communities.

Fiona Folley


Fiona is a qualified teacher, accountant, computer programmer. She keeps tabs on all things financial, and is a whiz in MYOB, Xero and databases. She can fix most things in the office – or knows someone who can – change a tyre, tension a fence. In short, Fiona is practical, sensible and no nonsense. She is every auditor’s dream; across the detail, confident with the numbers but open to new ways of doing things. (If they are better, and not just a whim.) She is not intimidated by anyone, ever. Without exception, every client over 20 years has benefited from giving her custody of their financial information.

Kim Humphris


Kim is qualified in marketing and communications, and a magician with people. She doesn’t waste a minute, is highly organised and able to learn new stuff in a blink. There is nothing she can’t master, and no situation she can’t tackle with good grace and gentle humour. Kim is unflappable, warm, patient and positive, and juggles competing priorities without anyone even noticing. She is equally capable front of house or in the back room and epitomises our collective mantra to “go the extra mile” for our clients. Kim’s time is largely spent on events, membership and communications, including websites and EDMs, where her way with words is evident.

Margaret Kelly


Margaret is our whole-of-association management specialist, because she is good at everything. She is qualified in research and analysis and her left brain works overtime. Her ability to synthesise and analyse a lot of information and then communicate it to right brain people is a work of art. Margaret has an extraordinary memory which is a gift to our clients, where a corporate memory is often absent. She is our go-to for proof-reading, sanity-checking and consistency. She is passionate about voluntarism and harnessing the volunteer effort, and her ability to make sense of the whiteboard notes from a long strategic planning session is the stuff of legend.

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